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Episode 461: Out On My Own

Independence day, Michael realized laying in her big oh so empty bed, closing her eyes on the first rush of sunlight streaming through the window.

It really was her independence day. The deadline she’d set for herself to put away all the remaining momentos of her life with Curran. A life he’d continuously disrespected. A man like that wasn’t someone to hold onto.

As much as her heart may want to.

She slowly climbed from her bed, taking one of the pillows with her, giving it one last hug, one last sniff, before placing it in the trunk she didn’t plan to open again until his scent was long gone. Until the photographs she added were distant memories. And the ring. Until the ring meant as little to her as it apparently had to him. Until all her teardrops had dried.

Curran spied her car in the otherwise empty lot and made a u-turn. He probably should have kept on going. But he had nowhere to go, no one to share the holiday with.

Maybe this would make him feel better. He couldn’t possibly feel worse. More lost. He was the proverbial drowning man reaching out for a liferaft.

He invited himself into the unfinished clinic, passing through the freshly painting waiting room, and down the corridor stopping when he heard her shoes.

With her back to the door, she was moving an empty file cabinet into place when he strolled in. She turned, tired, disheveled, downright miserable looking. "You’re the last thing I need right now," Katherine Marques snapped.

"From the looks of things I’m exactly what you need," Curran asserted, his body, his heart yearning for another woman, his hands reaching for the nearest substitute, to pretend she was the one he couldn’t get enough of. Until she hauled off and slapped him.

Episode 462: Watched You Fall

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