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Episode 455: Here In Pleasantville

Phillip Marques surveyed his family scattered about the living room as he drank the best champagne money could buy, in silent toast to his triumph.

It had been a long arduous journey. At times, his wife Katherine wasn’t the only one questioning whether anything would come to fruition, let alone all of it. He’d actually questioned himself. Phillip smirked at that absurd thought. Of course, he’d get the job done. Of course, he’d get them all to this moment.

That was what he did. He succeeded. No matter what it took. And finally his children were following in him and Katherine’s footsteps. On the verge of finally fulfilling their tremendous potential.

His son, Sebastian. Years wasted partying and sleeping it off, and starting all over again, not an ounce of ambition other than for panting after one girl. With Phillip’s help, his son got the girl. A girl with not only an impressive work ethic, but some bluer than blue blood coursing through her veins. There was no way Sebastian wouldn’t make something of himself with her demanding it of him.

His youngest was on her way too. A wedding to a successful young businessman. A grown-up life in society, not la-la land.

Lastly, he smiled at his oldest child. Parents weren’t supposed to pick their favorites, and really, he wasn’t doing that, he loved all three with every breath in his body, Justine had simply been the child closest to him.

When Justine was a little girl, and he’d put in extra hours at his home office late into the night, she’d wander in, wearing her pajamas, climb up onto his lap and pepper him with curiosity about every little thing he worked on until she fell asleep in his arms. The curiosity carried on through every age, she’d hang out at the company, intern, and, eventually took her rightful place in the office next to his. Until the mechanic.

Now though, that lay-about was gone, and Justine was back in every way. Thriving at the office. And tonight, set to introduce Phillip to the new man in her life. Someone who’d procured an invite to their exclusive Halloween masquerade, someone clearly with the drive to succeed that would match his daughter.

Episode 456: No One Else on Earth

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