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Episode 452: When You Believe

"Bassie, if you didnít want to come to lunch with us you should have said so," Justine complained. "You keep zoning out on us. You havenít listened to a word weíve said. Youíve barely touched your sandwich."

Big sis suddenly frowned at herself. "Who am I to get huffy over that stuff? Goodness knows Iíve had my zombie moments, months even."

So had little sis, but not lately, not either sister, Adria realized with a smile. Everything was really starting to work out.

"Is everything okay?" Justine asked, blanketing their brotherís hand with her own.

"Heís better than okay," Adria spoke for him. "Heís in love, Justy. Who can concentrate when theyíre heavy duty into those early days of positively requited love?" More than two years into knowing Ryley, and Adria still found it a struggle to maintain focus around him, even around thoughts of him. Like now, it took a great deal of willpower to wrestle her attention back to her siblings.

"Itís more like negatively requited love," Sebastian corrected in a low voice. In response to their empathetic stares, he added an explanation. "Weíre loaded down with baggage. As much as we both want to toss it out the window, it isnít that easy. So, Iím sorry Just, but I wonít be showing up at your dinner party Saturday night. The last thing Ava and I need is to be around mom and dad right now. With all that history, it wonít help the future seem any rosier."

"Youíre going to have a rosy future," Adria insisted. "We all are." It was one of the few instances where she disagreed with Ryley, though even then, she knew how much he hoped she was right.

"My rosy future starts Saturday," Justine announced. "When I introduce my boyfriend to the parents."

Episode 453: Let's Try It Again

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