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Episode 447: No Rain

Between dealing with the contractor and his crew, and meeting with potential candidates to staff her new clinic, Katherine didnít have time for a sip of coffee let alone an irrelevant chat. It shocked her that Phillip did have the time in the middle of the day to knock on the door to her unfinished office.

"Iím really swamped right now," Katherine said, so much so that she was even reluctant to step away from her desk long enough to give him a polite kiss off. She forced herself to go to him though; their careers had already strained their relationship too many times.

Then, a nice problem to have, she had to force herself to leave it at a short kiss. With her palm resting on his chest, she took a step back. "Whatever it is, weíll talk about it over dinner, okay?"

Phillip didnít move.

His behavior truly puzzled her; it wasnít remotely like him to take personal time in the middle of the day.

"Thereís gossip around the office," he finally said.

"Oh, a potential blockbuster business deal that has you so excited you couldnít wait to tell me about it," Katherine reasoned, though it didnít strike her as very sound reasoning given his unexcited expression.

"Itís about Curran and Michael Gable. Theyíve separated."

Katherine tensed momentarily, but it was only an old reflex, from all the times she had something to hide. She stepped closer again, slid her hands up to his neck and looked her husband dead in the eyes. "Weíre making a conscious effort to spend time together. The kids are well. Weíre in a good place."

Phillip slowly nodded. "I just thought it would be a good idea to check in. Iíve assumed we were in a good place before."

Episode 448: Free And Easy

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