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Episode 446: Officially Over

Curran frowned as he raised his fist to pound on his own front door. It felt absurd. Wrong. But he knew from experience if he walked in like normal she’d never hear him out.

Things weren’t normal anymore. She’d asked him to leave. Demanded.

These last few months living in a hotel, away from her, were killing him. As was coming here everyday begging her to take him back. At least it got him near enough to see her, to smell her, to touch her for a few glorious seconds before she remembered.

But that was all a little difficult to come by if she didn’t answer the damn door.

"Michael, invite me in, please," he said. Nothing.

Curran shook his head. He knew she was in there. Her car was out front. "Can we just talk," he tried again. Still nothing, so he reached for the door handle, deciding a five-second glimpse would be better than no taste of her at all.

Locked. He grabbed his keys. Still locked! "You changed the locks," he groaned through the door. Still nothing.

"Michael, at least talk to me here, I-"

"I’m moving on," she said. "So should you, lord knows you’ll have no problem finding someone else."

He pressed the side of his face to the door, and set a palm against it too, as if he might feel her. "You can’t do this to me."

"No? But you can screw around on me and I’m supposed to keep pretending you’re not, even though it’s been shoved right in my face? Uh-uh. No. Enough. We’re over."

Episode 447: No Rain

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