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Episode 445: One Day You Will

"How are the wedding plans going?" Adriaís father asked between bites of sirloin steak.

"Are you certain you donít want any help from a planner?" Her mother asked from the opposite end of the dining table.

Seated across from one another, Adria did her best to silently reassure Ryleyís wary gaze, before replying, "I really want to take care of every detail myself, like I said Mom."

"Well, if thereís anything you need let me know, Iíd love to be more hands on help but Iím quite busy working on opening up this clinic of mine."

"Well, I could use a little extra money, if thatís okay; just to make the wedding perfect." After all, the more impressive the production of her play, the more perfect her wedding would eventually be.

Adria smiled, no, beamed, thinking of it, having her parents give her away, knowing they finally accepted her, were proud of not only her choice in husbands, but her career, as well.

"How is the clinic shaping up?" Ryley asked, ever eager to escape the wedding plan chatter. It never failed to warm every inch of Adria, the way he tried to look out for her, but she truly didnít believe there was any reason to worry. Conning her parents to fund her play was a good thing.

Episode 446: Officially Over

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