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Episode 444: Sacred Love

With their two boys snoozing in the backseat, well past midnight, Bowie pulled up outside a little pale blue shack of a house. A sign out front promised haircuts, handicrafts and weddings.

An old woman, presumably the one heíd spoken to on the phone gave an enthusiastic wave out the window then disappeared from view, likely to arrange things for the ceremony.

Though he doubted there could be much to arrange, beyond waking her justice of the peace husband. At most, he supposed there might be a vase of flowers from the garden and off-key uprights piano to dust off for the wedding march.

Very different from any of the extravagant affairs Lila had pined for, Bowie thought, as he cut the engine.

He turned to her, his voice thick with emotion. "I canít do this."

Lila nodded as if she understood but then tears streamed down her cheeks, a torrential downpour.

"I know," she choked out. "Iíve made eight hundred too many mistakes. I canít blame you for not being able to go through with it."

"No," Bowie stated, as firmly as he could without waking the kids. "I definitely want to marry you."

He took her astonished, sopping wet face in his hands. "You just showed me you love me enough to go without the dress and all the other shallow trappings. Well, I love you enough to let you have them."

Episode 445: One Day You Will

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