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Episode 443: I Saw The Light

When they finally came up for air again, their foreheads resting together, his arms holding her extra tight, standing in the foyer, Sebastian said, "I canít believe this is for real."

"It is," Avalon promised, brushing her lips over his once more before they moved to the sofa.

"I canít believe Iím tasting you," Bas rasped against the corner of her mouth. "I thought weíd never get here again. I thought Iíd lost you for good; that this would never happen."

She nodded. She smiled. "Iím glad it is, it feels good, it feels right."

She looked down at the pearls looped around her wrist, caressing them with her fingertips. "Thereís something else I thought would never happen. I had a talk with myÖ biological mom today."

"Is that good or bad?" He asked, tipped up her chin, he couldnít tell.

"Well, we bumped into each other at a store; she saw how confused I was, lost really, and she insisted I sit down to coffee with her. She listened; she helped me sort out my feelings. I donít know what it will mean for her and I, we kind of avoided that, but itís really good for you and me. Iím thankful to Sarette for that."

"Me too," he resoundingly agreed.

They kissed some more, too much for the eyes peering through the window, forced to turn away.

Episode 444: Sacred Love

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