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Episode 442: Taking Chances

Bowie brought home the obligatory bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day. Lila fawned over them even though they weren’t long-stemmed red roses.

It was always like this after one of her major screw-ups. She’d go out of her way to show him that she’d changed. She was no longer shallow. Well, time to put that to the test.

"I’m not turning the bookstore into a chain, I don’t even like books," he began. "And if you still want to marry me after hearing that lack of ambition, no waiting until we can afford a million dollar event, we elope. Now."

Sebastian walked aimlessly around the house, receiving more than a few irritated glances and meows from the cat whenever he passed, interrupting poor Shelby’s slumber.

He thought seriously about going out. Meeting someone. He’d never had a problem hooking up in the past. Except with Ava.

And where had that gotten him? Living in some other guy’s house, with some other guy’s girl and alone, on Valentine’s Day, pathetically waiting around for anything he could get from her. At some point didn’t he need to admit defeat, cash in-

Ava flew in through the front door, pressed her hands to his face and laid a long sweet kiss on him. When it was over, he looked past her to the open doorway. It stood empty. "I figured my parents were here, that you had to put on a show."

"No. That was just for us," she answered with a spectacular smile.

But someone was watching.

Episode 443: I Saw The Light

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