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Episode 434: Under The Mistletoe

Katherine Marques stood beside her eight-foot tall designer Christmas tree, the branches glimmering with the red and white candy cane motif she’d selected months earlier, barely paying the choice any mind, certain no décor would be jolly enough to make up for yet another bleak holiday. Her husband, Phillip, looped his arms around his wife’s waist, and pressed a kiss to her temple. "Having a Merry Christmas?"

"Very," she replied, snuggling deeper into his embrace as she smiled on her family. Justine decided to go up to the cabin for some one on one time with her little one. Katherine missed them, but thought it wasn’t a bad idea for them to get away, and besides, she had two children left with her.

Hand in hand, Phillip and Katherine crossed the room to their youngest child. Adria cuddled on the sofa with her fiancé. Her adoring fiancé. Even more than his being a responsible, mature young businessman with great things ahead of him, Katherine appreciated the genuine love she witnessed between the two. A love that deserved to be celebrated in the most spectacular fashion.

"Addie, first thing after the holidays we’ll hire the best wedding planner," Katherine offered, her husband chiming his approval.

Ryley gave Adria a look.

"Is something wrong?" Her parents questioned in unison. "Ryley?"

""Oh, no," Adria replied. "Nothing’s wrong, it’s just that Ryley’s concerned I’ll hurt your feelings by refusing your planner and asking for money to plan it myself."

"Weddings involve a lot of details," Katherine pointed out.

"Well, I have nothing but time now that I’m not acting," Adria serenely replied.

Katherine smiled, satisfied that her youngest was happy, and away from a cruel industry full of heartbreaking rejection and financial insecurity.

"Speaking of someone needing help," her husband asserted, his amused eyes directed at the living room’s entryway. "How long are you going to stand there with Ava under the mistletoe, chatting instead of kissing the girl?" Phillip chuckled. "It’s a good thing I set things in motion for you two to be together. Left to the pair of you, it never would have happened."

Episode 435: Everything You Want

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