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Episode 423: Long Trip Alone

"Sweetie, can I get you anything?" Katherine offered. She longed to do something for her grown daughter, the same way she used to kiss her boo-boos. Katherine was half-tempted to get in her car and bring Quentin over here to hash out whatever the problem was. Though consider that they’re daughter had come to them, she suspected things were too far gone for as simple a fix as that.

"Alcohol would be good, thanks," Justine replied, dropping into the sofa.

Katherine immediately moved to the bar and poured a glass of wine for her eldest child. She handed Justine the glass and took a seat close beside her, unsure whether her daughter would welcome a comforting arm around her or not. How comforting could solace be coming from someone who’d not so secretly hoped for this night? Not for her daughter’s pain, of course. But for her to come home.

"Don’t drink that," Phillip instructed from the nearby armchair. "He’s not worth a hangover."

Katherine shot him a glare while Justine downed the glass in a single gulp. She silently pled with her husband to watch his tongue, there had to be other places there daughter and granddaughter could go, other people they could turn to.

Luckily, Phillip seemed to realize the same. "I just meant that you have a daughter to think of, you can’t afford to let whatever happened between you and him completely send you off the rails."

"You’re right," Justine agreed, tears openly streaming down her face now as she settled the empty glass on the end table. "I have to keep my head on straight if I’m going to get through this."

Episode 424: Too Soon To Tell

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