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Episode 422: Some Days You Gotta Dance

Phillip greeted the tiny blonde girl, then looked to her mother and the suitcases at their feet, waiting for his daughter to speak, cautious.

"Phillip, who’s at the door?" His wife asked, bounding around the corner.

"Justine and Tansy," their son supplied, as if Katherine hadn’t plainly seen them and stopped dead in her tracks. "You’ve come home, right?" He prodded his sister.

Justine’s eyes locked with Sebastian’s for quite some time before they met with her mother and finally her father. She gave a hard swallow. "We need someplace to stay."

"Oh, honey, of course-"

"Just the two of you?" Phillip demanded, cutting off his wife before they opened their door to his lay-about-son-in-law.

He saw a flash of fury in his daughter’s eyes and for a second believed she would give him another tongue-lashing over her poor taste in husbands. But as she slowly nodded, Phillip decided, with pleasure, that her fury must have been for someone else.

It was all he could do not to dance.

"Tansy, why don’t you come home with your uncle and me for a slumber party, we’d really love to have you," Avalon offered. Another reason for Phillip to smile. That girl may not acknowledge her quality jeans, but she was plainly a good influence on his son. Sebastian had far more work ethic and ambition with her, than without her.

"Yes," the moppet squealed with delight and ran up into Sebastian’s arms.

"Thank you, Ava," Justine said. "I’d rather not discuss this with her little ears hovering."

Episode 423: Long Trip Alone

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