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Episode 421: Escapade

"Since youíre waiting to say goodnight while Kath takes that phone call, Iíll make a quick run upstairs and grab those files I was telling you about," Phillip Marques announced to his new development team.

"Good plan," Sebastian said, managing to hold his laughter until his dad disappeared upstairs, leaving him and Avalon alone in the foyer. "Would you like to play eeny-meeny with the latest stack of new business opportunities, or are you going to sluff that taxing job off on me?"

"Actually I was thinking I might read these ones," Ava replied.

"You donít have to." Bas frowned. "In fact, you shouldnít do that for him."

"Iíd be doing this for myself. I need something constructive to do. I have way too much time to think about things I shouldnít be. Bo offered me work at the bookstore, even to buy it back if I wanted and I guess we could get the money from your dad, but Boís doing really well, I donít want to horn in. So, Iím thinking maybe the new development team could steal one of these opportunities for ourselves."

Sebastian grinned, stoked at the thought of teaming up with on anything. "Okay, weíll look through those files."

"Speaking of looking into things, was that one of your sisters on the phone when you stepped out at dinner? Is everything-"

Hearing the stairs creak, Sebastian smothered the rest of her words with his mouth. It had seemed like the only way to stop the secret from spilling out. But once he got started, he couldnít stop. She tasted so good. Felt so right in his arms. And she wasnít fighting it either. Who knew how long it might have gone on if the doorbell hadnít woken him up.

"Sorry," Sebastian mouthed to Ava as his father passed by them on his way to the door, to meet the return of Basí sister.

Episode 422: Some Days You Gotta Dance

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