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Episode 415: That's The Way Love Goes

Hair still damp from his shower, Sebastian strolled into the kitchen dressed in jeans and a white button down, the shirt a little dressier than backyard dinner between friends required but heíd thrown it on anyway.

Ava was busily chopping celery, when he reached up from behind her into the cupboard, taking down two glasses and plates. "I put out the blanket. Shelbyís already out there batting around her jingle ball-donít worry, I made sure the gateís locked. Is there anything I can do in here to help?"

Ava slammed down the knife and turned to him. "Why didnít you tell me?"

Sebastian wracked his brain for what he mightíve done wrong. "Is this about kissing you like that on the forehead? I didnít even know Iíd done it until I was in the shower and it hit me that I had. If Iíd realized it, I would have apologized right then. It wonít happen again if you donít want it to, I promise you donít have to worry about me pawing-"

"I meant why didnít you tell me about your sisters?" Ava asked, visibly upset. "Justine left you a really angry message. Why didnít you tell me what weíre doing is causing a rift between you and your sisters?"

"Because youíd never go through with it," Sebastian quietly answered. "Youíd have to go on hurting, in limbo over Xavier; I couldnít leave you stuck for who knows how much longer that way."

Ava raised an eyebrow. "But you could condone the way your parents are messing with your sistersí lives?"

"I know itís horrible. I hate myself for it. I feel guilty about it all the time," he confessed, wary of how much more he should say, of whether it would only make her more inclined to end things. "But I love you as much as I love them. How was I supposed to choose between you?"

Ava slowly nodded. "I guess I know what you mean."

"Yeah, I guess you do, you have two moms. Talk about torn," he said, sorry she knew that feeling but relieved she understood his dilemma, that she didnít see him as a jerk.

"Yeah, Iím torn," she admitted, then shifted the conversation back to his sisters. "We have to figure out some way to make this right. I canít feel good about coming between you."

Episode 416: Anytime You Need A Friend

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