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Episode 412: Wish You Were Here

"Thank you guys so much for coming, I really needed all the support I could get," Adria gushed, swallowing her sister in a big hug, followed by her brother-in-law and her gorgeous little niece.

The biggest hug of all, she reserved for Ryley, without him she never would have returned to the stage, felt that rush again. Of course, she’d felt that way before and ended up with raspberries blown in her face. Even though she now knew they hadn’t been genuine, it was still a hard thing to erase from her memory.

"Do you guys think I did okay?" Adria asked, and with some hesitance added, "Be honest."

"You’re almost prettier than the yellow puppy I want," Tansy volunteered.

Adria repressed a giggle and in her most serious tone replied, "thank you, sweetie."

"That audition’s getting you into the Fall session," Ryley announced, then laughingly whispered, "and you’re way prettier than any puppy."

"You really were great, Ad," Quent said with a tender, teasing grin. "I didn’t nod off through your entire act."

"You really were born to act." Justine frowned. "I just hate that mom and dad have you doubting that."

"It’s even worse that they’re trying to put you out of business, Quent," Adria noted in disgust. "Oh, but Ryley’s handing out your cards to his friends and people at work."

"Yeah, man, I meant to thank you for that," Quent said, shaking Ryley’s hand. "A couple of them came in the other day. Every customer’s a help, thanks."

Ryley shrugged it off. Justine shook her head. "There’s the worst thing of all. A guy who’s not even an official member of the family yet is more supportive and loyal to us than our own brother. I am just so mad at Bassie right now."

Episode 413: Rich Girl

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