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Episode 411: My Heart Has A History

"How are you feeling, bud?" Bowie asked, crouching next to the sofa and laying another cold washcloth over his eldestís forehead.

"A little better, thanks dad," Jesse said between sips of ice-cold lemonade.

"You know, hot days like this youíve got to take some time-outs from playing and get some shade if youíre not feeling right, donít wait until you almost pass out." Bowie shook his head. "Tomorrow Iím gonna have a talk with those day camp counselors. They should be teaching you kids how to handle the heat wave."

Jesse stared into his lemonade. "They did," he quietly admitted. "I kinda ignored the rules."

Bowie couldnít help smiling; at least his honesty had brushed off on the boy, hopefully enough to counter the nose for trouble heíd inherited from Lila. "Iím glad you told the truth, Jess. Next time do what they tell you though, okay? I hate seeing you hurt."

"Jess, youíre hurt? What happened?" Lila demanded, half way through the door. She rushed over with a hug for Jesse. Three-year-old Nate scrambled up onto the sofa and clutched his brotherís hand.

"Heís gonna be fine," Bowie assured them. "He just got too much sun, so day camp called me at the store to come pick him up." Bowie glared at Lila. "They couldnít get hold of you Lilac. Neither could I. Not only was I worried about Jess, but I didnít know where you two were either. Itís been a swell afternoon."

"Iím sorry, Bo. I guess I didnít have my phone on. We were jut at the mall," she paused. "I was browsing wedding stuff, looking for inspiration."

Bowie grinned until Nate added, "with nice man."

"Who?" Bowie asked, sounding casual, feeling ill. She had a history.

"Oh, he was just this guy. This guy wedding planner guy trying to drum up business."

Episode 412: Wish You Were Here

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