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Episode 409: Can't Stand The Heartache

"Your home is smaller than Id imagined," Phillip observed to Sebastian, as he, and a very tense Ava, hand in hand led his dad on a house tour as if he was a welcome guest.

"Its not Sebastians house, its Xaviers," Ava coolly corrected.

Phillip nodded. "Thats why I assumed it would be larger. He must not have been any better a rock star than he was a man."

"Xaviers a great musician and a great guy," Ava huffed. "And I would appreciate it, if under his roof you didnt refer to him in the past tense as if he were-" Her eyes shut and her mouth twisted like shed swallowed something that seriously disagreed with her stomach. Not to mention her heart.

"Hes okay," Sebastian whispered in her ear, then for his father to hear, he said, "Av, you know, I promised Shelby some cat treats like a half hour ago, would you mind finding her and apologizing for me, while I talk to my dad?"

Ava nodded, the gratitude shining in her eyes before she took off.

"Why is that girl so bent out of shape over that guy when shes with you?"

"She cares about people, shes a good person, shed defend anybody getting dumped on. So, if pointing out that Im a better catch is the only reason you stopped by, Id rather you left. I know youre trying to help me out but I dont want that kind of help."

"How about good paying jobs for you and Avalon?"

Sebastian grinned, though his victorious feeling quickly tempered by thoughts of his sisters, of betrayal. Help Ava and he hurt them. Support his sisters and he hurt Ava, shed have to go on without knowing whether Xavier was alive or dead.

Episode 410: Patience

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