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Episode 408: Do What You Have to Do

A rainy Sunday afternoon, Avalon sat curled on the sofa reading, while the cat snoozed beside her. Sebastian pretended to read in the armchair, although actually he was enjoying his favorite day off activityĺwatching Ava. The beautiful way her eyes absorbed every word. The crinkle at the corner of her mouth whenever a passage amused her. Her slender fingers and wrists turning the pages.

"Was that a car in the driveway?" she asked, lifting her head.

Sebastian hadnít a clue, fortunately enough though, a door shut, saving him from confessing that heíd been too busy staring at his friend.

He went to the front window. "Itís my dad."

"Tell him to go," Ava insisted, throwing down her book and tightly crossing her arms. "Heís the one who put Xavierís life out there for the world to dissect. I canít invite him into Xavierís house. I wonít."

"What if heís here to offer us those jobs thatíll pay enough to seriously look for Xavier, to hire a real detective this time, and maybe even fund checking out leads ourselves?"

She grudgingly nodded. "I guess that is a good reason."

She got up from the sofa and slide her hand into Sebastianís. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

"Itíll be worth it, youíll see," Bas promised her before he went to the door. "This is the big step to finding Xavier and then everything being the way itís supposed to be."

Episode 409: Can't Stand The Heartache

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