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Episode 407: I'll Be There

They dropped down on their beach towels, letting the hot sunlight dry their skin, and dripping hair. Ava leaned back on her elbows watching the tide slowly roll up on the shore, listening to the sound of nature surrounding her in the private little cove Sebastian had found for them, listening to his silence.

She turned to him. "This is strange; normally I’ve been the one with the bouts of dark and broody. What’s going on with you?"

"Nothing, I’m fine," he said with a strained smile.

Avalon shook her head. "Something’s weighing on your mind. What is it? I’d like to help; you’ve helped me a lot." Then it hit her what could have him in such a mood. "Did you hear something about Xavier?"

"The minute I know something so will you," Sebastian promised, locking eyes with her.

Avalon nodded. She knew he was in a holding pattern waiting for her. Waiting to see if she would patch things up with Xavier or finally get the closure to turn the page. Maybe turn it back to Sebastian. Something Ava was now curious about too. There were definite moments where she felt tingly around him again. But at other times, she found herself missing Xavier as much as when he’d first vanished.

Ava wasn’t sure which direction her heart would go in, but she felt an undeniable friendship for Sebastian. She laced her fingers through his. "Is this about that meeting this morning with your sisters then? You said it was nothing, was that true?"

"Yeah. You know my sisters, they’re drama queens. Everything’s fine. I’m just in a mood, no reason," Sebastian lied, knowing Ava would tell him to side with his sisters, not to risk his relationship with them for her. Not that he was having an easy time with it either.

Episode 408: Do What You Have to Do

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