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Episode 405: Happy Face

Quentinís head lifted at the approaching footsteps. He was unable to hide his disappointment.

"I guess this was a bad idea," Justine said, obviously hurt. "You forgot your lunch." She waved a brown bag at him, then meekly showed one in her other hand. "I thought maybe we could have lunch together in the park."

"That sounds great," Quent hurriedly enthused and went to his wife, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Iím sorry about frowning at you like that. I wasnít you I was frowning at. It was the lack of customers walking through the door."

She smiled. "Iím glad youíre happy to see me, I know itís been awhile since I was much fun to be around."

"I always want you around," Quent assured her. "And youíve been happier lately; I can never see enough of that."

"I think itís going to the shelter to help out twice a week. These people are pretty inspiring, so unfortunate yet they remind me that no matter how lost I feel about what to do with my life, I shouldnít lose hope, there are people a lot worse off." She smiled again. A thing of beauty. "Thatís the other reason Iím here, I thought maybe we could check out the competition on our way to the park then do some brainstorming. We should have put our heads together on this months ago. Weíre both experienced with business; we can come up with something to get your customers back. I know it."

Quent was nowhere near as sure, but Justine was so refreshingly enthusiastic that he put on a happy face for her.

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