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Episode Forty: Vulnerable

Side by side they sat, for at least an hour viewing the party in silence like spectators named Buffy and Todd at a golf game. That was if you didnít notice Sebastian swigging straight from the bottle of champagne and the dazed look on both their faces.

She stood. "Please apologize to your sister, this is such a mess and now thereís probably grass stains on it too, soon Iíll have to sign my life over just to repay your family,"

"Want to go get a burger or something? Iím starved; Iím kind of in the mood for something simple, you know," Sebastian announced quite rapidly.

Avalon studied him judgmentally; as usual she couldnít get past the handsome face or the mannequin clothes. "Simple. Well, maybe for you, but Iím nothing like you,"

Bas caught up with her as she began walking away. "Youíre nothing like me-"

She turned, staring him down. "Was that a question? No, Iím nothing like you; I donít understand why you people canít make your own beds when my mother feels guilty for lying in hers, and... And look around if I had one tenth of what you-"

He was aggravated and pointed the bottle towards a swarthy looking man with slicked back hair. "You see down there, my sainted mother standing next to that guy, heís one of my fatherís investors and one of who knows how many of my motherís lovers."

Ava couldnít conceal her astonishment; couldnít- when the panic suddenly hit him he grabbed her by the shoulders. "Avalon youíve got to swear you wonít tell anyone, not even Bowie, my father- Iím so stupid."

Episode Forty-One: Sure

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