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Episode 397: Someone Saved My Life

"I donít want to get rid of you," Ryley insisted. He sounded far away. He felt faraway already. And Adria shivered despite the hot tears rolling down her skin.

"I want to get rid of you," Adria heard her father growl at him. "I want you away from my daughter."

"No, donít go," she pleaded, throwing her arms around Ryleyís neck. He couldnít go. He couldnít not love her. "Youíre all that makes me happy."

"Addie, thatís not true," her mom said, suddenly squeezed onto the sofa, one hand rubbing Adriaís back, the other trying to pry her off Ryley but no way would Adria let go. "He is not all that makes you happy, sweetheart."

"Yes I am," Ryley contended, his pale, freckled skin burning red. "And it isnít right." He managed to pull slightly away even though Adria fought him and kept on fighting until she realized that he was only readjusting to cup her face in his hands. His wonderful hands. "Itís not right, Ad. Itís not healthy to live through me. I love you and I love how much you love me. But you need more than just me in your life."

"Youíre all I need."

"We did not raise you or pay your tuition for you to need him, or any man. Certainly not if he wants you to become some silly little actress," her father argued.

"You should want that too, sir. Thatís why I gave her this ultimatum in front of you. I wanted you to see how she is. How Iím all she thinks I have going for her. I hoped youíd be decent parents and help me encourage her to get more from her life, to be as happy as she deserves to be. Acting made her happy."

"When she thought she was good at it, now she knows better."

"My dadís right, Iím no good. My teacher-"

"That was one teacher. The others praised you, so have the reviews of every play youíve ever done. I gave all of that and the video footage from your plays to the Simmons School. Theyíre impressed. They want you to enroll."

"Thatís a really good school," she commented in disbelief.

"They want you. And so do I, thatís why I picked the best school thatís also near our apartment. All you have to do is have the courage to try again. Ignore that lousy teacher and your lousy, close-minded parents."

Episode 398: Naughty Girl

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