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Episode 396: Break Me

Adria sat on her parents’ sofa, though it felt like cloud nine. She hadn’t felt that good and floaty since her times on stage, deep in character, breathing life into the page - before her final acting teacher hit her with that painful reality check.

But what he’d said didn’t matter anymore. Happiness was Ryley beside her. Forever with him. "Ryley, don’t be shy," she nudged him, impatient, starving to hear it loud and official.

He touched her face. "I do want to marry you."

"But," she almost cried.

"But he’s too shy to ask our permission, Phillip," Adria heard her mother nudge her father.

"Son, if I’d handpicked you myself, I couldn’t be-"

"You probably shouldn’t say that just yet, sir," Ryley warned then turned to Adria. "I won’t marry your daughter unless she becomes an actress."

"She won’t do that," Daddy huffed.

"I can’t." Tears crashed down Adria’s cheeks. There wasn’t supposed to be any ultimatum. There was just supposed to be her and Ryley. Happily ever after. "Why are you doing this? You know I don’t have the talent, you-"

It was the same and worse than the moment that she’d realized her brilliant teacher had to be telling her the truth. The moment she understood the truth about Ryley. About how she would never be happy ever again. "You want to get rid of me. This is an easy way. Something I couldn’t possibly live up to. Just like I couldn’t be Asian for Taro."

Episode 397: Someone Saved My Life

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