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Episode 395: Dangerously In Love

"Have you given any thought to what division of the company you’d like to join when you graduate?" Phillip Marques asked, or interrogated depending on your perspective.

In Adria’s case, her perspective was scarily one-track. "Well, I’m definitely thinking domestic," she said, smiling and squeezing Ryley’s hand. He tried to smile back, pretend he enjoyed their private little joke but anxiety made it difficult.

It was a difficult night. He loved her more than anyone but he didn’t feel right about their engagement, or at least not as good as he should. And making it public was only going to compound his feeling that building her life around him would hurt her. Then there was the alternative. Which would hurt her too.

"Good, we want you close to home," Katherine Marques said, misunderstanding her daughter’s definition of domestic. "I’d miss you if you were in Europe."

"I haven’t gone to school near home for the longest time. And you’re always gone half way around the world anyway," Adria said, her bubbly spirits waffling. Ryley knew how all of that loneliness had weighed on her for years, the way her family would all but forget her. He kissed her temple. Her smile rushed back.

"I don’t think I’ll be taking more trips anytime soon," Katherine replied, throwing loving eyes to her husband. Ryley’s brows rose and so did Adria’s. Loving wasn’t usually the word for the Marques’.

"We’re not the only relationship doing well," Phillip Marques proudly noted. "Sebastian came over last night. And he brought Avalon Lubin with him."

"Bassie finally got Ava back!" Adria squealed and turned to Ryley. "He’s just like I am with you, he could barely breathe without her."

Before Ryley could say that it was nothing like her, that she could breathe just fine on her own, Adria turned to her father. "Daddy! Ryley would like to ask your permission for something."

Episode 396: Break Me

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