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Episode 384: Tangled Up In Love

Over and over Adria assured herself sheíd be happy in a couple days, heíd be with her again for the weekend, yet watching him at the counter picking up his tickets for home and hers to return to school, the tears gushed down her cheeks, refusing to stop.

She dug through her purse for a tissue and turned her back to Ryley trying to mop hr face before he found her a mess. She could tell it tore him up inside anytime she cried. She would never wound him if she could help it. Bad enough they had to miss each other five days a week.

Or did they?

Adria slipped out the emergency credit card daddy had given her and charged so determinedly for the counter that she smacked into Ryley along the way.

"Where are you headed in such a hurry," he asked.

She grinned. "To buy a plane ticket to fly home with you."

"What? What about school?" He studied her with a look of pained concern. "What will dad say?"

She hadnít thought of that. "Iíll figure it out. For now maybe we should put the ticket on your card so he thinks Iím still at school."

"I donít know, Addie. You need-"

"Donít you want me to move in with you, to share a bed and wake up with me every morning?"

Episode 385: Sweet Dreams

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