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Episode 383: The One

"Breakfast in bed?" Ryley asked, just waking. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he scooted to a seated position as Adria carried over a platter of cinnamon toast, scrambled eggs and orange juice, setting it on the bedside table.

Adria climbed under the covers and pressed a kiss to his pale shoulder. He was breathtakingly touchable. All hard smooth lines like marble. Thick red hair to tangle her fingers in. Soft sweet lips.

"This is our last day," she sighed, unhappily. "I figured we should do everything in bed."

"Donít be sad," he pleaded, those perfect lips swooping down to cover hers, shooting sparks through her as if it were the first time not the morning after the one year anniversary of their one night stand. It was always like that with him. Even the simplest kiss so special, so affectionate. "Itís just our last day in this cabin. Iím gonna pick you up from school on Friday like always. Donít be sad." He kissed her again and it felt so good that it didnít take much effort for her to force a smile for him even though Friday loomed horribly far away.

She was so much happier whenever Ryley was near her. Almost as happy as when she had both Ryley and her foolish dream to be a great actress. She loved him so much. As long as she had him, that would be enough.

Episode 384: Tangled Up In Love

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