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Episode 380: My Favorite Things

Real silver bells. A Christmas feast fit for kings with silk napkins and lots of pate. And three kinds of pie for dessert. And a champagne toast after they put the boys to bed. They were long overdue for the best Christmas ever.

And Valentineís would be even better. One of those fancy hotel ballrooms. Her guy and her boys in sharp tuxedos. A Vera Wang princess dress with a big pouffy skirt, a sweetheart neckline and a lacy train that goes on forever. All of her dreams would come true and with the man she was actually in love with.

Bowie kissed her cheek, stirring Lila from her reverie. "Youíre asleep on your feet," he said. "Why donít you go lay down with the boys?" He nodded to the bookstoreís sofa, Nate leaning on his big brother Jesse, both sound asleep. His lips brushed across hers. "Iíll finish up the receipts. You rest. The new clerk really got the hang of the register this afternoon so I promise thatís the last of the Christmas rush youíll have to deal with. Iím sorry youíve had to work so hard here and look after the boys too."

"I donít mind, itís all for a good cause. This place is raking in the money and I canít wait to spoil the boys this Christmas, and us." She wrapped her arms around his waist, beaming.

"Donít go overboard, okay? Weíve got the loan to pay off, we were lucky to get it and weíre not gonna flake on the bank."

She frowned just a little. "Okay Iíll just spoil all of us by half. The rest will come soon. Youíre so good at running this place. Everybodyís loved your twelve days of Christmas campaign. Itís a huge hit; it wonít be long before youíre the CEO of an entire chain of bookstores."

"Itís not our place to do that Lilac. This is Avaís dream, not mine. Iím just working hard to hold onto it for her until sheís ready to come back."

Lilaís mouth dropped. She wanted to scream at him but knew nothing would change his mind, Bowie was a devoted friend. If he wasnít devoted heíd never have forgiven her all sheíd done. Still. "Maybe after the holidays you can ask her what her intentions are. I mean, sheís pretty much joined to Sebastianís hip these days, sheís barely had time for anyone else in weeks. Why would she want to keep her option open on anything associated with her ex?"

Episode 381: River

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