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Episode 374: Soon

"A gypsy? Gee, Justine, why not dress her up as a hobo so you could put in even less effort?" Quent frowned at his sister, wishing Tal hadnít brought her kids by to show off their deluxe handmade Snow White and Jack Sparrow costumes.

"Youíre super pretty," Tansy admired her older cousin.

Quentin watched with a sinking stomach and heart as Justineís fingers trembled tying the gypsy headscarf. "You look beautiful and mystical," he assured his daughter. "Exactly how youíre supposed to look on Halloween."

He moved to plant a kiss on Justineís neck, whispering "she looks the best."

Justine managed a small smile. Tansy collected her momís palm and ran a finger over it. "Iím a gypsy. I read hands. Mom is very happy soon." From the mouths of babes. Quent could only wish for that kind of magic at this point.

"Wow, that is some short skirt," Adriaís roommate, Jen, whistled.

"I thought my boyfriend might get a kick out of vintage Britney Spears for the night," she replied grinning as she braided her pigtails.

"What heíll be doing is staring down every guy at the party tonight," Jen giggled.

"He doesnít have to worry," Adria sang.

"Yeah, I get that. Youíre so into him itís like I see all the life drain out of you when he goes and it rushes back in when heís here. Itís so romantic. Like heís the only important thing in your world."

"Itís exactly like that," Adria agreed.

Episode 375: Take The Wheel

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