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Episode 365: Hero

As Ava’s dream for a happy ending grew further from her reach, miles and miles away from her lonely bench, another dream was falling in tatters at a young woman’s feet.

Adria stood on the stage, everyone’s collective breaths held, by now knowing to reserve judgment, wait for Mr. Hannigan’s approval before looking the fools for applauding.

"Miss Alcott," the master drew her name out slowly as his fingers tapped his armrest, his eyes wandering. Then silence. Her final evaluation was like waiting for Ryan Seacrest to spit out the American Idol results, annoyingly interminable. "Miss Alcott, it’s clear you long to be a great actress. You work very hard."

"I do, yes sir." Then she realized neither were questions.

"And in all good consciousness, I cannot encourage you to waste your time and effort. for your own good I must fail you in this class."

People caught their gasps half way out, remembering that they should’ve known how terrible she was all along, it was, after all, painfully obvious to the master. And now to the slim girl so alone on stage, the light suddenly so bright in her eyes pricked her. Tears began to bleed. Her limbs wouldn’t carry her.

Then like the knight girls give up on after their first broken heart, a shadow moved up the aisle, blurred by her vision as he swung himself onto the lip of the stage. Once he neared, she knew, his scent, the comfort of his arms. "Why are you here?" She asked, leaning heavily into him as he ushered her from the hurt. "It’s the middle of the week."

"You needed me today, one way or the other. To celebrate or..." He kissed her temple. "I wouldn’t be anywhere else."

Episode 366: Forget About The Future

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