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Episode 364: What Makes A Man Do That?

"Goodness, I feel like such a frump," a woman said, stepping to the ladies room sinks to wash her hands. "What a beautiful dress."

"Thank you," Ava replied. It was nearly four. She’d ducked into the city hall ladies’ room to run a brush through her long locks and take one last look at the dress, make certain it was as special as the occasion demanded.

Her wedding dress was strapless, it hugged her breasts and floated from there, part Grecian goddess, part beach dress. The creamy white color made her tan pop, though it was a tan. She knew that now, ignored the thought, like she ignored the pearls she no longer wore looped on her wrist. "Do you think a man would like this dress? It’s not just appealing to us?"

"He’ll tell you it’s gorgeous the minute he reels in his tongue."

Avalon smiled brightly at the thought minutes later, on the bench, waiting. She loved Xavier and so desperately wanted to look perfect, a perfect day, a perfect rest of their lives together, everything better for him than the ugly world he’d known.

But little by little as the sky darkened and people filed from the building, the night air shivering her shoulders, her smile gave way to tears. To a not so perfect ending.

Episode 365: Hero

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