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Episode 361: Hit So Hard

Adria poured her heart and soul into the piece; it didn’t matter to her that it was merely a scene exercise for class. She loved to act and whether before her dorm room mirror or on the Broadway stage she gave it her all. This was her passion. The love of her life.

Well, maybe one of the two loves of her life. Ryley Vance was certainly making a case for himself. And she mined her ever growing affections for him to inform her character’s monologue, baring her heart’s desire.

And from the standing reaction of her peers and stragglers who always wandered into the university’s theater to watch the master, Thomas P. Hannigan teach, she’d succeeded.

Adria blew a humble kiss to the applause her insides dancing as they always did after a performance, until as he always did after her performances, Mr. Hannigan crippled her at the knees. "Wonderful," he boomed, in a way she’d learned meant quite the opposite and twisted like a knife in her heart. "You’re improving a great deal Miss Marques; we’ve now seen you run the gamut from not acting at all to so insanely emotional one could only assume it a comical spoof."

She saw heads nod, hands that clapped only seconds earlier in approval now clapped in agreement with the master. After all they were just mortals. What did they know from good acting compared to the master? About as much as I do, Adria thought as she fled the stage to collapse in tears, by now as habitual as brushing her teeth.

Episode 362: Glory Days

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