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Episode Thirty-Six: Can't Let Go

"Go play now, Iím sure your momíll have lunch ready in awhile," Bowie instructed Jesse when they came back to Lilaís apartment after a walk.

"You didnít have to buy him a new truck," Lila said, hugging her knee to her chest as she sat on the sofa studying a stack of library books. She hadnít studied that hard ever.

"I didnít, that was an old one of mine," he replied solemnly and stared around the place, it didnít feel the same. "Did you change something here?"

"Oh," Lila beamed enthusiastically. "Sebastian gave me a little money to brighten up-"

"God Lila, do you know how that sounds? -No, no, I promised myself- it looks nice, the place looks really nice, are those Martha Stewart or something?" Bowie was desperate to stay calm, a seemingly impossible feat around Lila.

Lila was reticent to tell him but she felt that she had no one to talk to, Sebastian certainly wasnít at the talking stage yet. "Theyíre etiquette books, I think Sebastian is going to ask me to the annual Marques Garden Party and I donít want to embarrass myself, itís bad enough I canít afford a new dress."

Bowie momentarily slipped into old habit. "Youíd be pretty in a paper bag and you know it."

Lila grinned; it lit her up. "Does this mean weíre pals again?"

"I just - I canít yet." He answered turning to leave.

Episode Thirty-Seven: Beautiful Day

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