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Episode 353: Love Won't Let Me

"Remember me?" He asked, voice tentative as he stepped from the minimal shade beneath the eves. His skin shone bright pink, covered in a flurry of freckles.

Adria hadnít laid eyes on Ryley Vance since his Valentineís declaration that he could fall for her, if she let him. Back then, sheíd truthfully told him she had feelings for someone else and heíd respected it. Hadnít bothered her since. She offered him a smile. "Daddy must have invited your firm to the garden party."

Ryley nodded, checking out her violet halter dress but attempting to hide the appreciative once-over. "So, um, howís school going?"

"Fine." He looked so stricken by her guarded response that Adria felt regretted it herself. She grabbed his hand and led him inside her monstrous house to explain in private. "I canít talk to you. You want a relationship and I just canít do that."

"I know, youíre into somebody else, I wasnít trying to put a move on you, I wouldnít. It took months for me to get over New Yearís Eve; I didnít even want to come here to risk it - but my job. Iíve been watching you the whole party warning myself not to go near you then youíre over here and I smell that honey scent of yours and..." He turned to leave. "I donít mean to make you uncomfortable, Iím sorry, Adria. Youíre just a really interesting person, hard to resist." His cheeks blazed. "I do mean more interesting than just how great you smell."

"I donít have feelings for him anymore," she admitted, not sure why. She wasnít anywhere near ready to put her heart on the line again. Twice bitten. First, Paul refused to encourage her acting, or anything else that might strike the world as impertinent, then Taro used her.

"Did he hurt you?"

She nodded. "I like you but right now I just canít do more than friendship."

Ryleyís smile sparkled. "I could live with that. Itís already paying off. You brought me into air conditioning. My Irish skin thanks you."

She studied him a moment. It hit how lonely sheíd been for a long time now. Thanks to her misery over Taro, friends at school had gone about their lives without her. Though she loved Sebastian and Justine and they loved her, she couldnít share any part of her life with them that involved their parents. And nearly everyone sheíd talked to at the party with their high-powered business and medical careers rolled their eyes at acting. Would Ryley, a moneyman himself, be any different? "I make superb lemonade, my sister taught me. We could hang out in the kitchen, I mean if youíre really interested in hearing about school, thereís this great workshop this summer Iíd love to tell a friend about."

"Iíd love to hear about it."

Episode 354: The Real Thing

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