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Episode 352: Closer To You

Sarette Jordan barely heard any conversations as they mingled at the garden party, her arm hooked with her husband Rodney’s. Maybe for the last time.

This time tomorrow, everything would change. Avalon may be so furious with Sarette’s teenage decision that she’d spill it to the world. Or maybe she’d tell out of warm want of family.

Perhaps Sarette herself would feel compelled to finally step forward. A genuine talk with her daughter prompting her to claim hold of her publicly. Maybe being there with her daughter and her first love - her only love - would stir so much inside her she could no longer resist the temptation to be with them. Both of them.

She had no idea what tomorrow would bring. Nothing at all? The start of something? The end of everything?

To Katherine it felt like the party would never end.

She watched her youngest flit around regaling anyone who would listen with tales of her great dramatic career. Her husband discussed business between sips of sparkling water.

There had been a time, a long time ago, when despite the garden party’s invention as a means for business contacts, at moments it had felt like a family affair, the five of them holding an old fashioned block party. Discreetly rolling their eyes at oddball guests, rescuing one another from boredom or too many questions.

But Sebastian and Justine no longer considered themselves family. Adria and Phillip had their solo agendas going. And no one rescued Katherine from the heinous ‘have you retired?’ questions. No one except Curran Gable.

Episode 353: Love Won't Let Me

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