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Episode 351: Cry

"Iím sorry Bassie." Justine woefully eyed her brotherís hangdog face. She pushed away her plate, a mixture of delicate finger sandwiches and tiny chunks of fruit. Not much of an appetite. Though that happened a lot lately. "I guess this was a dumb idea."

A gingham blanket thrown on their overgrown lawn. Three people, four whenever Quentin finished up at the garage. Less than fancy homemade food. Not exactly comparable to the garden party her brother had known all his life. Dumb.

"Itís not dumb, itís fun!" Tansy squealed, racing amongst dandelions and daisies, mesmerized by the shiny pink and purple pinwheel her uncle brought her.

"Sheís right, sis. Itís a sunny day; youíve got birds chirping instead of stiffs in suits. These sandwiches are really good and the lemonadeís addictive. Quent better hurry up before he misses out." Sebastian nodded to the three-quarters empty pitcher, wearing a smile that didnít quite reach all the way to his eyes. "Itís nothing to do with your party. Iím just lousy company these days."

"Whatís wrong?" Justineís pulse thudded in a panic, the same discomforting way her body reacted to every problem lately, even something as small as forgetting to buy milk.

"Avalonís engaged, itís a tough pill to swallow."

"Youíre going to be okay," Justine forced herself to say, even though it felt in some hollow place inside her like nothing would ever be okay again.

Episode 352: Closer To You

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