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Episode 338: Fallen

"Are you sure you donít want to come with? Itíll be a whole group of us;" Jen tried once more prompting her roommate to pull the pink comforter completely over her head.

"Iím just going to call it an early night. I already did the bar thing on New Yearís Eve," Adria grumbled, wishing the fact of that night would leave her be. His name. His face not belonging to Taro. Brightly, at least the details remained fuzzy so her head couldnít play some loveless sex scenes over and over. She was having enough trouble focusing on school and just everyday tasks as it was. "Iím not spending Valentineís Day in a bar too."

"Okay, well, see you, you have my number if you change your mind and want to meet up."

The door creak open. "Oh, huh, wow, hi, I guess Addie had a smart idea to get to bed early after all. Have fun you two! Donít worry, I donít intend to be home tonight."

Two? Who was there? Her heart raced a mile a minute as footsteps approached the bed. With a quick, vain attempt to smooth her frazzle hair, she sat up, the covers drooping to her waist. "I thought youíd never-"

Her voice caught in her throat at the sight of the tall, lean red headed man before her, hands jammed in the pockets of his dark suit.

"Well, if you wanted me to show up, it probably wouldíve been easier if youíd given me a last name to go on," Ryley attempted to joke though he looked as uncomfortable as she felt with his eyes combing over her teddy bear pajamas.

Adria clutched the blanket, yanking it up to her shoulders. Her throat felt so dry. Palms a sweat mess. What did he think this was going to be? Some booty call?

Episode 339: Human Touch

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