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Episode 337: Push

Phillip phoned his wife three times without leaving a message. Where was she? He was attempting to at last put the pieces in place and as usual Kath was too busy to partner him in parenting their kids.

Though she had no problem giving him an earful over how terrible things were. Especially for her. Complaining about losing her job. Well, she wasnít exactly stuck lying at home was she?

A burning sensation shot through his chest. Where was she?

Phillip shoved the question aside, too loathing of the possible answer to dwell on it without losing his composure and concentration. Both of which he needed to translate these files into action.

Kylie Davidson. Former writer at Sebastianís magazine. Bloodthirsty instincts. Already a step ahead on the story he needed to break.

A brand new acquisition for Roarke Industries. Though so many twists and turns removed no one would link the two.

The perfect candidate. Ambitious. In need of money. An infallible reputation. Yet not as advertised.

None of the strategies made him proud. But then neither did the sorry state of his childrenís lives. They needed a gentle push. Shoves if need be.

Episode 338: Fallen

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