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Episode 336: The Space Between

Katherine Marques took a deep breath and knocked on his door. She felt so empty lately. None of her children speaking to her, all floundering in their own unique ways. Her husband consumed with business as usual.

The small space they’d carved out for one on one time, had worked so hard to make happen in order to salvage their often threadbare marriage was all but gone.

She’d been guilty of throwing herself into work as well. Always a salvation to save a life, make someone feel better when she didn’t seem to have that ability at home. But five days ago the hospital announced budget cuts. Her position among them. Phillip barely acknowledged what had happened. The lack of available jobs in the city. The despair in every corner of her life right now. He’d stopped listening. Stopped noticing. Again.

She knew someone who listened. Who loved to fill her emptiness. Opening his office door, Curran greeted her with a frown. "I thought Betty was screwing with me, it really is you," he said referring to his elderly assistant/confidant/nanny from the tender age of five. The keeper of his secrets. "So what’s your pleasure, another scolding over the paternity test?"

"That’s not the pleasure I have in mind." She slinked inside the doorway, clicking it shut with her backside and unbuttoning her silk blouse.

Episode 337: Push

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