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Episode 333: Was It Good For You

Adria left the shower streaming as she stepped out, hoping heíd think she was still in there, to give herself time to... she didnít know. Water drizzled down her legs puddling on the cold ceramic tile at her feet, she was thoroughly drenched, had let the water wash over her for nearly forty-five minutes, yet she didnít bother to wrap a towel around herself.

She wanted to see. Had too. Using the towel to rub a steam-free window in the mirror she stepped forward and back analyzing every inch of her skin. For what she wasnít sure. Fingerprints or age spots? There was no tell-tale glow that she could see. No open for business sign down below that indicated anything had changed. Nothing like stretch marks to signal growth of any kind.

Maybe nothing had happened. Maybe the strange feeling in her body was her mind playing tricks, bent on that sixth white wine. She let herself smile finally. That hadnít changed either, still what Justine called girlish innocence, even though as far as her older sister and her parents and anyone else ever knew, sheíd lost her innocence a long time ago. A total lie.

He tapped on the door. He. She didnít even know his name. "Are you okay in there?"

She shut off the shower. This was her actress side coming out full bore. Thatís all. Melodrama galore. Nothing happened except in a vivid dream that had sort of edged into reality throwing her body into a buzz like her vibrator. "Iím fine. I could use a comb though, my hair gets full of knots when I wash it."

"Bottom shelf medicine cabinet."

"Got it, thanks."

"Um, Michelle?"

Whoís Michelle? Sheíd watched Michelle Pfeifer in Scarface with Bassie yesterday. Nice role model choice, Addie, a cocaine princess. Mommy and daddy would be so proud.

"Are you sure youíre okay? Cuz, um, damn, Iím so so sorry I didnít notice during, but for the last forty minutes Iíve been staring at... thereís uh, some spots of uh, blood on my sheets. Um, from my experience, well, that kind of means you werenít experienced and probably not as old as I thought either."

Her stomach looped. All these years of holding out for the right guy. For Taro. For Paul. For Taro again. And now it happened with a stranger. She didnít even know his name.

Episode 334: Whisper Your Name

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