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Episode 320: Never Tear Us Apart

Xavier swerved his car tight into the curb. He scrambled from the driver’s seat just as Avalon emerged from the bookstore, tears streaming down her gorgeous face.

She plowed straight into his chest. Her arms looped around his neck, holding on so tight it terrified him. "My father’s in the store with Bowie."

Xavier stroked the middle of her back. Kissed her left temple.

The blind covering the bookstore’s door ratcheted up. Bowie looked out, concern lining his face. Ava’s father stepped into view. The resemblance hit Xavier immediately. The same eyes. Only they studied him a hell of a lot differently.

A hard lump filled his throat. So much for good intentions.

He tugged her over to the car, gently handing her into the passenger seat. The moment he slipped the key in the ignition, she nestled against his arm and he knew he was doing the right thing.

Turning over a new leaf, becoming selfless like he and Sebastian talked about wasn’t for the best. She loved him and he loved her. If he encouraged her to bond with her parents they’d mess everything up.

The guy already looked at him like he wasn’t good enough and they hadn’t even met. They’d eventually convince Ava to do the smart thing and leave him. It didn’t feel great to deprive her of them, but nothing would feel worse than the alternative.

Episode 321: Yes

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