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Episode 317: Find Me

Calvin stared at the slip of paper in his palm. Although the kid’s old man had provided him with the addresses and spoke a pretty piece about the connection between father and child, Calvin couldn’t get past Sebastian’s revulsion. The young guy was outright afraid for the girl to meet her alleged father. What was that about?

He swiped a hand through his dark hair, still full as when he was twenty. When Sarette had loved to comb her fingers through it whenever they- He forced the thought away, his body reacted to more than twenty year old memories as if he had her there with him right now.

Hell, he should hate the woman not continue to desire her after all these years sight unseen. She hadn’t even fought for them to stay together. He’d been all alone in that. What a damn fool. Sarette had been a rich girl getting her rocks off, that’s all it had ever been.

Calvin hung his head. His insides felt like they’d been run through with a brillo pad. Despite the way she’d treated him at the end, he found it hard to believe there’d been a baby she hadn't told him about. Surely she wouldn’t do that to him?

For all he knew it was some kind of scam cooked up by the Marques,’ after his experience with Sarette’s family he never had trusted those high-powered types. That’s why he had to check out this Avalon for himself. One thing was for sure he couldn’t knock on Sarette’s door and ask her. Meet her husband.

Cringing at the thought of her with another man, Calvin lifted his head skyward to request some relief from decades of aching for her and saw the address. This was the place.

Question was who did he want to find? A girl with Sarette’s big brown eyes? His own smile? Or a fraud so he could go on as he had been for years, ever since he’d lost Sarette, as a devout bachelor who didn’t give a damn. Who had one night stands with women his alleged daughter’s age. Who was all alone and thought he preferred it that way until that Sebastian came along reminding him how different life had been with people in it? With Sarette.

Would it be different - better - if this girl turned out to be his?

Episode 318: One Good Friend

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