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Episode 313: Spice Up Your Life

"It’s my junior year, what am I supposed to do? Quit?" Adria blasted past Taro, standing in his open doorway. She paced the length of the sofa, her knees quaking, arms crossing and uncrossing; she couldn’t even decide that. Tears plunged down her cheeks. "I like university. I’ve worked hard. I want my diploma."

"Exactly. You can’t quit. Isn’t this what we’ve talked about all summer? I thought you’d decided, I mean, you go tomorrow morning." Taro wrapped an arm across her shoulder and drew her down to the sofa.

Addie settled into the crook of his neck. He smelled, as usual like the cappuccinos he drank by the gallon to fuel his long hours at the magazine. She longed to taste him. But they were just friends. He listened to her complain about daddy forcing her to major in art history without a single theatre class, even that didn’t please her medical school obsessed mother. Addie felt like she couldn’t win and she confided in Taro about it constantly. He complained to her about his hyper-traditional parents, they refused to even learn enough English to read the magazine he poured his heart and soul into.

She’d dragged him out of work to see movies. He’d stood in line to buy tickets for a hot play she’d ached to see. They made dinner together every Saturday night. But they were just friends. Like he wanted. And she couldn’t stand that on top of everything else.

If she had to live in misery the least he could do was add some spice to her life.

Episode 314: Ridiculous Thoughts

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