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Episode 312: Home

Quent and Justine shared a tender, lingering kiss before their daughter charged into the living room and hugged his shins. He scooped up the little girl, brushing the blonde curls from her forehead to give her a kiss.

"Dress, Papa." She patted the soft peach fabric that ruffled at her knees. Quent couldn’t recall ever having seen it before.

"We thought we’d dress nice for the anniversary." Justine smiled, giving him her usual new dress twirl to show off the strappy red dress that matched the bouquet he’d brought home.

Although the view turned him on, it also tightened the knots in his stomach.

"Happy Wedding Papa." Tansy patted his stubbly jaw.

"Thank you baby. You both look so pretty. Always do." His eyes wandered back to Justine. "We’re not crashing another garden party are we? These look expensive."

She winced and quietly replied "Forty dollars total."

He concentrated on Tansy, feeling guilty for mentioning the party. His wife had always been so defiant about being banished by her parents but when they rejected Tansy it seemed to hit awfully hard. "Well, I’m glad you got the dresses before your wallet got stolen Just."

"What? I was just in my wallet ten minutes ago taking out receipts."

"Then why was-" He stopped short of saying Mariah. Justine had nothing to worry about but in her state of mind lately, jealousy was a very real possibility. "Why did the florist almost cut up my card?" Quent shook his head. "I guess maybe the credit card people screwed up somehow, I-"

"I bought and ordered some things for the house. I guess I didn’t realize how much I-"

"You maxed out our credit card Justine!"

She bit her lower lip. Her eyes grew glossy. "I wanted to make this place cozier Quent. Like the home you grew up in. I didn’t know how else to do that without spending money. You know how I grew up. I just want Tans to have a home like yours." Not like mine, her eyes pleaded. The one that doesn’t even welcome me anymore.

"Mad, Papa?"

"No, baby, Papa’s sad."

Episode 313: Spice Up Your Life

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