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Episode 308: I'm Already There

Bowie cradled Nate in his sweaty arms. Lila played with her fingers. Curran Gable softly banged his head against the far wall. Bowie nodded to the enemy as Nate let loose an enormous yawn. "Itís good you showed up."

"Good for my wife," Curran grumbled. "I donít know why youíd threaten to tell her in order to get me here. You clearly want the brat. I donít."

True. Curran hadnít so much as snuck a peek at the baby boy. Bowie didnít understand that attitude for a second. "I thought you deserve the chance to change your mind. If hearing youíre a dad doesnít do that, then fine, walk away. Iíll happily love Nate like heís my own."

Lila smiled at him. Eyes teary. She was starting to grow up. Finally.

Dr. Marques pushed through the door and asked everyone to be seated.

"This will stay in this office, correct?"

The doctor narrowed her gaze at Gable. "Confidentiality is my job. Iíve had a lot of practice."

"Iím sure you have an impeccable bedside manner."

Bowie rolled his eyes at the flirtation in the jerkís raspy delivery. There to discover if heíd fathered a child outside his marriage and he hits on the married doctor.

"Letís get down to business shall we?" Dr. Marques opened a file.

An eternity passed. Bowie held Nate tighter. Had inviting Gable been a mistake? No. He always felt guilty for not telling Jesseís father; even though the guy still wasnít fit to so much as play catch with him. Bowie always feared theyíd lose Jess to the secret. At least this way thereíd be no secrets.

A smile lit the doctorís face. "Congratulations Bowie. Nateís a lucky little boy."

Episode 309: I Need To Know

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