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Episode 307: Baby Love

Apparently Curran Gable had nothing to say to Lila now that he no longer wanted in her pants. He leaned against the far wall of the doctor’s office, arms crossed, scowling. Lila paced with her days old son swaddled in a light blue blanket Ava had crocheted for him.

The princess had been surprisingly friendly during her hospital visit. For once Lila wouldn’t have blamed her for being judgmental. Bowie deserved better.

The knots in Lila’s stomach grew tighter with every tick of the clock on the wall. Three minutes late. Dr. Marques had doctor things to do. But Bowie... Bowie promised he’d head right over on his lunch break. What if he changed his mind? What if he didn’t -

"Hey, Lilac, sorry I’m late. Traffic was murder."

Lila spun. Her heart pounding as she stared at him with wonder. Bowie glistened head to toe with blue-collar sweat, yet she thought it nothing less than the Hope Diamond’s sparkle. What a time to realize how valuable he was. When she was most in danger of losing him.

"We were landscaping way across town and -"

Lila nestled the baby in his tan, corded arms.

"Sorry little Nate, you must hate how stinky I smell, it’s a scorcher outside. Maybe you should hold onto him." Bowie nodded to Lila. She stepped back. It was stupid. But part of her believed if Bowie had Nate in his arms he wouldn’t be able to go when Dr. Marques told them their son belonged to the wrong man.

Episode 308: I'm Already There

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