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Episode 306: If I Could Tell The Truth

Taro stopped dead in his tracks. What was she doing there? A woman - girl - laid in front of his apartment door, long tan legs curled up under the hem of a pink sundress, hands hugging her bare arms. Flowing blond locks spilled over the trendy purse she used as a pillow. Heíd longed a thousand times in recent months to run his fingers through her hair, imagined how beautiful it would look falling across his pillow.

Banishing the dangerous thought from his mind, he crouched beside her and with a flick of his fingers, tipped up the funny looking straw garden hat tipped low across her eyes. Long lacy lashes fluttered open. The sight of her sky blue eyes on him stuttered his heart.

"Hi," she cooed, with the prettiest smile. Heíd always thought she had a pretty smile. Even before heíd started to really look at her. Back when she was just Sebastianís kid sister harboring the most obvious crush in the history of the world. She was still just a kid.

"Hey," he muttered, escaping to the other side of the hall. Leaning against the wall, he stared up at the ceiling. "So, um, uh a little unusual to find you asleep outside my door, Adria. Your parents must be worried with you gone at this time of night."

"Are your parents worried about you?"

"No. Iím an adult."

"So am I."

"Youíre a college student. That hardly makes you an adult." He pulled his keys from his pocket. "Letís go in, Iíll call a cab to take you home."

She scrambled to her feet, like a fawn, her legs taking a moment to find their ground. "Do you think Iíve been waiting here half the night so you could call me a cab home Taro? Where have you been out so late anyway?" Her sugary pink lips pouted. "You havenít been out with someone have you?"

"I told you months ago that I have a girlfriend," he said without looking her in the eye. Edging her aside he slipped his key in the lock and stepped into his apartment. Suddenly he wished it wasnít so plain. That it looked like someone actually lived there instead of stopping in to sleep and eat in between obsessing over the magazine. It made him look like an uninteresting person. Like he didnít have a life. Which he didnít.

She followed him in. Slammed the door behind her. "You donít have a girlfriend. I know it. I saw you at Our Town. The rehearsals, all day for gosh sakes! And then you vanished before I could talk to you. If you had a girlfriend what were you doing sitting there watching me?"

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