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Episode 303: Better Man

Even glimpsing Justine across the lawn in a hostile stand off with their father couldn’t distract Sebastian for long. Only one person interested him at the garden party as he sat on the hillside where years earlier he’d drunkenly opened up to Ava about his screwed up family.

He watched Sarette Jordan mill about, a glass of champagne in hand. She wore a designer silk dress in a vibrant orange setting off her dark skin and shimmering gold earrings washed down to her shoulders like waterfalls. How had he never seen it before? Except for their skin color, and texture of hair, she and Ava looked so much alike with their flat noses, big brown eyes, even the tilt of their wrist although Sarette didn’t wear pearls on hers. The scene curled his fists.

Why the hell had that woman given her daughter away? It wasn’t fair. They’d be together now he just knew it. If she’d been in his world all along it would’ve made him a much better man.

He should’ve pulled her silky pigtails on the playground.

He should’ve given Ava her first kiss at their school lockers.

She should’ve been his first. Not some nameless, faceless, teenage tramp he could hardly remember.

They’d have gone to college together for real. Moved in together and hosted dinner parties and become adults together.

They should’ve gotten married on the sand somewhere. Barefoot and unable to get enough of each other. And they should have little exotic looking babies the spitting image of their mother.

It took all Sebastian’s willpower not to march down onto the lawn and lash out at Sarette for the way she’d ruined his life. But if there were even an inkling of hope for him with Ava it’d be dashed if he betrayed her trust one more time. She didn’t want Sarette to know.

Episode 304: Outside

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