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Episode 302: Family Affair

Phillip planted a hello kiss on his daughterís cheek, grateful to find her in a pretty silk dress and not some hippie-dippie sack made of hemp. There was still hope to save her. He wouldnít lose another daughter.

"Why didnít she was throwing her life away?" Katherine asked in a hushed, anguished tone as party guests milled nearby.

"I am not throwing my life away!"

Ignoring his daughter for the moment, Phillip wrapped a comforting arm around his wife. He knew how much it meant to her to have the girl follow in her footsteps even though Adria hadnít mentioned it since her eighth birthday. In the past he hadnít taken Kathís medical career as seriously as he should have, in fact heíd resented she didnít quit once he became so successful. It was ignorant and had likely driven her to the arms of another man. Not that heíd ever asked. She had no idea he knew about Curran Gable.

"Kath, sheís not throwing her life away. Thatís why I didnít bother to tell you. I wanted to fix this without you worry even for a minute. Sheís going to do something that matters. Like you do."

A slow smile spread across his wifeís face. As wounded as his ego continuously felt from her betrayal, that beautiful smile assured him it was right to forgive even if he couldnít always forget. "Whatís our plan for the girl?" She gazed up at him.

"Your plan?" Adria slammed her arms over her chest, digging her left heel into the lawn. "Youíre talking about my life like I donít even have a say."

"You donít," said his eldest daughter, Justine.

Episode 303: Better Man

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