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Episode Thirty: New Thing Now

"Open up Bowie, itís Ava;" She was hammering on his door. He hadnít come out of his apartment above the store in days. According to Mrs. Landon he was using his sick days. She heard the bolt unlock and turned the handle. The room was a smoky haze; she rushed past Bowie on the sofa and pried open a window.

"Not that thatíll do you any good, do you have any lungs left?" She asked, plopping into an armchair with arms crossed over her self.

"Leave me alone Avalon."

"You forget, Iíve read my momís copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul and I know that unlocking the door is a cry for someone to share salty noodles with," Ava had hoped that would bring a little smile, but there was nothing. "Well at least let me tell you all about my exciting life, I have a nurse for my mom now, her name is Fern,"

"Fernís a pretty twittish name, what are you paying her with, jujubes?" Bowie replied; attempting to sound disinterested.

"Ah well, thatís the entertainment, I am officially on staff at the Marques household in lieu of cold hard cash payments, doesnít that make you sick?"

"I am familiar with that kind of sickness, yeah," he ran his hands through his hair.

"Are you going to tell me what put you in this funk?"

"Itís simple Ava, Iím just detoxing from certain elements in my life," Bowie explained quietly. "So, uh, this thing with the nurse and you being some glorified errand girl or something, that doesnít mean youíre letting Sebastian, -um, take advantage, are you?"

"Oh no, that one is a whole entirely different story," The dark haired woman smirked.

Episode Thirty-One: Brand New Day

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