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Episode 294: The Letter

Dear Sebastian.

Thanks for stopping by on Valentineís Day. I have to admit ever since your niece was born, many our chance meetings (probably not chance, huh?) stirred up sentiments inside me some of them dreamily romantic, some a pure longing to taste your mouth, to touch you...

And that day, you remember? When we talked about having kids with other people and you blew a fuse, part of me was flattered. That night I remember not sleeping just sitting there in a nightie - black silk (that youíll never see, Iím glad you never saw me, we only had that one time in the darkness in your car), anyway I was holding Shelby the cat you gave me (nice touch!). I was fantasizing she was ours, our baby, but I wonít be fantasizing like that anymore.

Thank you. Your visit taught me so much. That really I only want to kiss you in despair. That Xavier loved me and you love mind games. I regret ever being with someone so cold and callous, losing my virginity to you, I want to scrub my skin raw just thinking of it.

Needless to say I am no longer in your life Sebastian. Like my mother, my real mother you are dead to me. Unlike my mother, I wonít think of you lovingly. I wonít think of you at all, Iíll be too busy living happily ever after with Xavier.

Never yours,

Episode 295: Something So Strong

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